Aussie supermarket chain’s vegetable shortening replacement is back on shelves

AUSTRALIA’s largest supermarket chain is selling a vegetable shortener that is made from the pulp of sweet potatoes and is supposed to be safe.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a statement on Monday that its new vegetable shorteners were made from plant-based ingredients and are “safe to use”.

“The FDA has confirmed that the new vegetable vegetable shortensings are safe to use as long as they are not processed in a manner that produces dangerous amounts of CO2,” the statement said.

“The vegetable shortenings do not contain artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or preservatives that may increase your risk of food poisoning.”

In addition, they are made from organic, high-quality ingredients and do not require any processing.

“If you have any questions about the safety of the products you can contact your local Food and Safety Authority.”

The FASA said it was taking the information provided by the Australian Food Safety Authority (AFSA) “very seriously”.

“We are investigating the potential of this product to contain a harmful substance and will make any necessary appropriate steps to ensure it is no longer available in Australia,” the agency said.

The agency has not yet issued a recall or a warning.

The FFA said it had received “a number of reports” of people using the vegetable shortened vegetable products.

“We have contacted all retailers who sell these products and they have cooperated fully with our investigation and have taken appropriate action,” the FFA statement said, without giving further details.

“Consumers should not consume these products or any other vegetable shortners if they have any concerns about their safety.”‘

Very expensive’The FSA said the new shorteners “were designed to help prevent the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the cooking process in the cooking of vegetable short pasta and sauces.”

“They are not safe to consume if consumed as directed by a doctor or dietician, because they do not meet the current Food and Health Code (FHC) requirements,” the FSA said.’

No other options’Some online retailers have begun selling the new products in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

“I can’t imagine they’d want to put this on the shelves,” said Dr Sue Poulter, who treats patients with COVID-19.

“I just don’t think it’s very expensive.

It’s very difficult to get any other alternatives to that.”

A spokesperson for the Australian Vegetable Association (AVA) said it would not be able to comment on the Australian consumer safety investigation.

“It’s a very complex issue that requires an international community collaboration and it’s difficult to know exactly how the process will play out,” the spokesperson said.

Ms Poulters’ partner, Sarah Whitehead, said the AVA was happy to provide advice.

“There are lots of other alternatives out there that are less expensive,” she said.

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