Vegetable broth recipe – Dragon Ball Z Goku, Vegeta, Gohan

Vegetable soup is the go-to for most of us as we go through the whole year with no real idea what we are going to eat.

There are so many different options out there, but for those of us that are new to it, here is a recipe that will take your soup to a whole new level.

Vegetable broth is the ultimate go-at-your-own-speed soup recipe.

It is easy to make and comes together in a matter of minutes.

It can be served as a quick meal or as a main course.

It’s a hearty soup that is perfect for summer.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to try this recipe out:Vegetarian broth is packed with protein and fiber.

You will be getting all the nutrients you need for a balanced diet.

You can even make it vegetarian if you want, as it contains no animal products.

If you want to be super-healthy, you will be able to add as much as 1 cup of veggies per serving.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for a 1 cup serving of Vegetable Soup:4 cups vegetable broth1/4 cup chopped onions1/2 cup chopped celery2 tbsp minced garlic1/3 cup chopped carrots1/8 cup chopped onion1 cup chopped red pepper1 cup minced parsley2 cups fresh spinach1 cup nutritional yeast1/6 cup water1/7 cup chopped cilantro2 tbsp chopped fresh ginger2 tbsp finely chopped parsley1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper1/16 tsp cayenne pepper1 tbsp chili powder1/10 tsp sea salt1 tbsp ground coriander1 tbsp turmeric1 tsp cumin1/12 tsp garlic powder1 tbsp paprika1 tbsp dried oregano2 tbsp ground gingerThe soup is a great side dish or as an appetizer for a dinner party. 

Add it to a veggie salad or to a stir-fried or stir-fry dish.

If serving it to guests, add a little fresh chopped green onion for extra flavor.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how to make a Vegetable Vegetable Curry Soup.

Veggie broth is a super simple and easy soup recipe that tastes great.

If it is a big pot, just add some vegetable broth and it will be ready in less than 30 minutes.

If not, simply add the broth and bring it up to boiling.

Once it comes to a boil, you can lower the heat and let it simmer for another minute or two.

You’ll see the broth begin to thicken, as well as the texture of the soup getting thicker and thicker.

Once you have the soup bubbling, just drop it into a bowl and stir to coat.

You may have to stir it a little to make sure that the broth does not overboil.

Once the broth is done, you have a soup that can be used as a side dish for a meal or a main dish.

Serve it with rice or a rice pudding.

The more veggies you add, the healthier the soup becomes.

This soup will make your whole family feel full and satisfied!

I am sure this will help you get started on your Vegetable Dragon Ball soup recipe!

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