Vegetable medley: A medley of vegetables and savory dishes with a healthy twist

On Sunday, a group of food bloggers will descend on the South Bend Market for the annual Southern Food Truck Festival, where they’ll taste some of the freshest, most flavorful and least processed ingredients they can find.

The truck show will feature the best local and national food truck vendors from across the region, including the new Southern Fried Kitchen, the Southern Fried Cheese, the South Beach Salads, the New York-based S&P New York, and the Southern Bistro.

These truck vendors have a passion for food, and they’ll be giving the South End neighborhood a taste of its own food.

On Sunday, the vendors will have two options: they can be picked up at one of three locations (and one of them will be open to the public), or they can make the trek from home and visit each of the trucks for a taste.

It will be their second time seeing their trucks and each of their flavors, and it’s a chance for the vendors to get some feedback and feedback from one another, but also get a taste at what makes each truck tick.

In addition to sampling their own trucks, vendors will also get to taste some new creations from Southern Food Trucks.

These trucks will be serving up some of South Bend’s finest ingredients, including fresh-cut vegetables and the fresher, more traditional dishes, as well as some tasty new creations like grilled fish and shrimp from The Southern Fried BBQ.

The Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and the South Bay Bacon Salad are two new entrees from The Northern Bistrot, while The Southern Biscuits are a new sandwich from The South Beach Grill.

They’re both tasty and light, and I would recommend grabbing one of the two, because it’s really a perfect lunchtime snack.

You’ll be able to grab one of these delicious Southern Fried Chips, too.

It’s a combination of chicken, sausage, and cheese.

It can be paired with your favorite salad or soup.

And you can also pick up one of their delicious chicken-wrapped vegetables, which are loaded with juicy red peppers, onions, and other delicious ingredients.

The show will be held at the South Bowl Market, at 12th and Main Streets, in the South Bank neighborhood.

It runs from 5 p.m. to 7 and it will include a number of food trucks and vendors from around the region.

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