Organic milk for vegans and vegetarians could be a hit in Canada

It’s not a surprise that organic milk and other dairy products have been a hit with vegans in recent years.

But some in Canada are wondering if that’s a good thing.

A recent report in the Canadian Journal of Food Science and Technology suggested that organic dairy could help ease some of the health concerns that have emerged for vegans in recent decades.

The study found that while there were many factors that were associated with dairy allergies, the highest risk factors were the use of antibiotics, food processing and environmental toxins.

For vegans, the study suggested, there was a strong correlation between dairy consumption and allergies, as well as a decrease in immune system activity.

The authors of the study also noted that there were more cases of dairy allergies in women, compared to men, in some regions of Canada.

The researchers also found that some of these allergies may be related to the use or intake of antibiotics.

But in an interview with CBC News, the lead author of the paper, researcher and allergist Dr. Robert S. Coyle said he’s been surprised at the results of the Canadian study.

“It’s been a real surprise to me, actually, to see the link between dairy use and dairy allergies,” Coyle told CBC News.

“It seems to be that people who are dairy-sensitive are more likely to have an allergic reaction to dairy products.”

Coyle, who is a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, noted that in some parts of the world, dairy is a staple food for the poor and the middle class.

He noted that dairy products can cause inflammation in the body and can also be used to treat skin and other conditions.

“They’re often used in place of antibiotics for many, many diseases,” Cope said.

Cope added that a recent study by the British Journal of Nutrition found that people in the U.K. who drank organic milk were 20 per cent less likely to suffer from hay fever than those who drank conventional milk.

“If you have hay fever, the immune system can get stressed and it can react and it may react in a way that leads to an allergy,” he said.

“And so the next step is to try to reduce the use and the exposure to that.

It’s an emerging area in health care.

It might be that the use can be reduced through the use in dairy products, or maybe by using organic milk.”

Cope also pointed out that the results in the British study were based on participants who had a history of dairy allergy.

“The more people who have an allergy, the more likely they are to have a reaction,” he explained.

Colly is not the only researcher who has questioned the link.

The Mayo Clinic reported last year that a similar study from the U

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