The best Japanese restaurants in Singapore

We all know Japanese food is delicious, but some of our favourite dishes are not from the country.

From the iconic sushi roll to the traditional fish roll, here are the best Japanese dishes in Singapore.1.

Fritters (karaage)Fritters are a Japanese noodle dish that are made with eggplant and other vegetables.

These are usually served with a sweet sauce and sometimes with karaage (vegetable gravy).2.

Funguigi (salad)Salad is often eaten with fritter, which is made with lettuce and rice, but it’s also served with salad, pickled vegetables and pickled eggplant.3.

Okonomiyaki (salmon)Okonomiyakas are usually made with salmon, with some people adding shrimp.

It’s served with some type of soy sauce.4.

Okomizu (salamis)Salamis are often made with shrimp, but they are sometimes topped with sweet sauce, cucumber, onions and a dollop of pickled ginger.5.

Shoyu (salads)Shoyu is often served with pickled tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits, but sometimes it’s served alongside a sweet dish such as pickled onion and green beans.6.

Shokubukuchi (salted noodles)These are traditionally made with fish or shrimp, and they’re served with sugar and a dipping sauce such as ketchup or soy sauce, but many people also serve them with sweet or sour sauce.7.

Chiku (chiku)Chiku is a dish made from boiled noodles.

The noodles are usually covered in a mixture of rice and soy sauce that’s then heated and served with soy sauce and sesame oil.8.

Shishito (shrimp)These Japanese noodles are sometimes served with shrimp but you can also eat them plain, in salads or in other dishes.9.

Shochu (mixed vegetables)Mixed vegetables such as turnips, radishes, radish paste and mushrooms are often served alongside fish.

Some say they’re used as a substitute for the Japanese chicken and rice.10.

Daito (fried rice)A fried rice dish is often made from fried turnips and rice flour and is usually served alongside sweet or savoury dishes such as sweet or spicy curry and tofu.11.

Kita (chickpea pancakes)This Japanese pancake is usually made from flour and oil, and usually has a filling that is usually rice.

It can be topped with sesame seeds and sliced pickled cabbage.12.

Okubo (pumpkin pancakes)Okubo is a traditional pancake dish made with pumpkin, which has been added to the batter.

It usually has pickled cucumber and mayonnaise.13.

Yume (chicken salad)This is usually a dish that is made from a mixture a mixture chicken and mayo and topped with vegetables and other ingredients.14.

Koyaki (cucumber salad)A cucumber salad is often topped with pickles, onions, garlic, soy sauce or other ingredients, and sometimes served alongside the traditional dish of rice.15.

Mokuba (shredded rice)This traditional Japanese noodling dish is served with shredded rice, often topped by some type, such as soy sauce with a dollip of rice or a soy bean or cabbage filling.16.

Miso (chocolate milk)This popular Japanese dessert is often mixed with chocolate milk, and some people add chocchip or peanut butter to it.17.

Taki (rice noodles)Taki is a Japanese rice noodle, and it’s usually made of brown rice flour.

It is often dipped in egg and sometimes used as an alternative to the Japanese noodles.18.

Misogiri (chili dipping sauce)Misogiri is a dipping- sauce made with chicken and a variety of vegetables and often served in salads and desserts.19.

Gyoza (baked potato)This dish is made in a similar way to Misogiris, but with a batter made from brown rice, and is served in a variety a vegetable dishes.

It has been traditionally served with ketchup and some other condiments.20.

Shugo (mashed rice)Shugo is an extremely popular Japanese dish.

It typically contains a lot of potatoes, and often it’s topped with a mixture such as tomato sauce, mayonnais or a sauce made from tomatoes.21.

Muraizaki (baklava)This Indian dessert is a combination of Indian curries and other types of sweet or sweetened beverages.

Some people also add lemon or other sweeteners to it, but most of us prefer the taste of sweetened tea.22.

Sake (milk)Sake is a popular Japanese beverage that is typically made with rice and sweetened water.

Some other popular drinks are sake ice tea

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